No Remedy for Love ALBUM cover.jpg

No Remedy For Love

The new album from Liona!

No Remedy for Love, is a partial quote from Henry David Thoreau “There is no remedy for love but to love more.” It is also the title of one of Liona’s songs that Leonard Cohen had expressed admiration for and that she had dedicated to him before his death. The central theme of the album is love in its many incarnations. The collection of songs talks about her love for the planet (A Prayer for Planet Earth), her love for animals and the people who advocate for them (People who Care for the Animals), romantic love (Who Knows, with special guest Juno award winner Jack Grunsky and Nothing’s as Cruel as Time, an ode to a young lover), memories of teenage love (in the ABBA-inspired Near To You) and Lightfoot with special guest, the legendary Ronnie Hawkins.