The Ultimate Collection

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ultimate collection.jpg

The Ultimate Collection


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This unique collection includes ALL of Liona's albums currently in circulation at an exclusive price, available only at this web site.

Save over $65! 

This impressive bundle includes the following 19 albums:

  1. A Winter Fantasy
  2. The Return... To Canada with Love
  3. Seven Journeys - Music for the Soul and the Imagination
  4. Liona Boyd Sings Songs of Love
  5. Liona Boyd & The English Chamber Orchestra
  6. Christmas Dreams
  7. Romanza
  8. Camino Latino
  9. Miniatures for Guitar
  10. Dancing on the Edge
  11. Passport to Serenity
  12. Highlights
  13. Classically Yours
  14. Baroque Favourites
  15. The Best of Liona Boyd
  16. Encore
  17. Persona
  18. Whispers of Love
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