"Fantasia in E" - Giclee Artwork Reproductions

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"Fantasia in E" - Giclee Artwork Reproductions


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You have probably seen some of Liona's original oil paintings and we have had many requests from fans and friends to purchase them.

With such a tremendous interest in Ms. Boyd's art, we'd like to take this opportunity to introduce her first 2 prints. They have never before been offered anywhere in the world and are now exclusively available to purchase online, right here from this page.

The original oil paintings of "Guitar Fantasia in E" and "Guitar Embrace" were painted in 1997 in Beverly Hills using a palette knife impasto technique. Liona only made 10 paintings and of course they all feature her favorite instrument. They are now all beautifully framed and hanging in her house in Miami. 

The printing technique is called "Giclee" (pronounced "zheeclay") - the French word meaning "fine spray" - a computer generated print that is produced by the spraying of an image onto fine art paper. Giclee prints are most desired by collectors for their fidelity and quality, and coveted by galleries and artists alike because they so accurately reproduce the original art. A high quality scan was taken from the original artwork then processed and printed using a a top of the line Gicle machine HP5 500. As with other fine art printing processes, the artist approves "proofs" of the art print to insure that the right tone, depth and color is accurately reproduced.

The paper Liona selected ' a high quality paper known as "Hahmemuhle" - is 320 grams fine art watercolor paper-quality and measures 16 X 20 that will fit a standard frame. This paper is specially prepared to accept this type of printing. The end result is that the print possesses archival standards of permanence (up to 200 years) comparable or better than other collectible artwork. The visual quality of the print is extremely high with stunning color saturation and definition.

These Giclee prints on "Hahmemuhle" paper are a future collector's item and the supply is very limited. In addition each print is hand signed and numbered by Liona. The people who have already seen Liona's actual Giclee prints on "Hahmemuhle" paper have been immensely impressed, therefore please place your orders immediately while quantities last.

These first offering prints are a very unique collector's items, truly not to be missed!

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